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Fresh minas cheese: all you need to know!

Merely illustrative image of fresh minas cheese. Photo: Anna Shvets.

Or minas frescal cheese is a food much appreciated by those who want to follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Due to its way of elaboration and its nutritional composition, we're dealing with a less greasy and caloric cheese than those of other varieties.

In addition, is a very versatile product, that we can use in various preparations, like salads, fruit salads or desserts.

As such,, to help you understand more about the minas frescal cheese, we prepared today's article on the subject. He was interested to know more? So follow us right now!

What is minas frescal cheese?

It is a dairy derivative that, unlike other Cheeses, does not go through a maturation process. So, we're facing a white cheese, with a soft and very juicy texture, since it keeps much of the whey.

It is made of cow's milk, sheep or goat, and we can also find fresh cheeses with different salt points, fresh unsalted cheese, fresh skimmed cheese, fresh skimmed cheese without lactose or with high protein content.

Its taste is mild and combines with many foods, like fruits, vegetables and meat.

Or minas frescal cheese is made with pasteurized milk to which the codon is added. Due to its characteristics, this cheese does not pass through the maturation chambers and is ready in a few hours.

So, is a cheese that, once opened, we should consume in a short time and always respecting its expiration date.

Nutritional composition of fresh cheese

Let's look at the nutrients that white cheese provides to our body:

  • If you look at the amount of fat from the fresh cheese, their values are usually, towards 100 product grams, between 15 grams of normal fresh cheese and 1,6 grams of skimmed cheese.
  • Fresh cheese proteins have a high biological value and make up 15% of its composition.
  • As for other essential nutrients, or minas frescal cheese is a good source of calcium, vitamin A, D and B. Also highlights its magnesium content, phosphorus and potassium.

Benefits of eating fresh minas cheese

Suitable for all diets

The great advantage of minas frescal cheese is that it's suitable for everyone. Its low fat and the high supply of nutrients it offers make it perfect for all types of diets, including low calorie diets.

Is, so, an essential product for people who want to lose weight and maintain a varied diet, in which dairy products have their importance.


It is also suitable for those who do not feel good about milk. In addition, the nutrients of white cheese are better assimilated than milk.

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, don't worry, there are fresh lactose-free cheeses.

Rich in protein

The proteins provided by fresh cheese are suitable for all types of people. But there are groups where protein intake is even more important, as children, pregnant and elderly women.

There are fresh cheeses with a higher concentration of protein than normal ones. These cheeses are ideal for athletes and to prevent malnutrition in the elderly who usually have protein deficits.

Take care of our bones

The bioavailability of calcium in the minas frescal cheese is too high. This means that the organism assimilates and takes very good advantage of it.

Calcium is essential for bones and teeth. It is also very suitable for pregnant women and to prevent bone decalcification in the stage of menopause.

As you can see, or minas frescal cheese is a quality food, healthy and nutritious that we can eat in very different ways to achieve a varied diet, stimulating and healthy.

Merely illustrative image of fresh minas cheese. Photo: Anna Shvets.
Merely illustrative image of fresh minas cheese. Photo: Anna Shvets.

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