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Ministry is open for applications for dairy projects course

Merely illustrative image of laticinio. Photo: Anna Shvets.

SAF/ UFV Dairy Project has a total workload of 40 Hours

The Secretariat of Family Agriculture and Cooperativism of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply is open for the fourth class of the Training Course Saf / UFV Dairy Project.

The course, done in partnership with the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), in Minas Gerais, is free of charge and will be held in person from 8 the 13 August, on the UFV campus, in Minas Gerais. The total workload is 40 Hours. The theoretical and practical activities will be distributed in three modules: Health and Cost Management, Market, Good Practices and Dairy Production Technology and Food Systems and Food and Nutrition Security.

According to the ministry, the course is aimed at extension technicians who work with rural producers in the production chain of Dairy. Three classes have already undergone training this year and two more classes are planned by the end of the year.

The SAF Dairy Project / UFV will support students with the payment of daily for lodging and food during the period of course. Those who take the course will be responsible only for their travel from their home city to Belo Horizonte.

Those interested in filling vacancies should send an e-mail (with full name, CPF, Identification, telephone, current account - it is necessary that the account is in the name of the, covid-19 vaccine certification and institution/association/physical DAP data) for

Source: Brazil Agency.

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